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It all started with family.

In 1947, the Finazzos began manufacturing light fixtures in the same building as the H&H Radio shop here in St. Louis, Missouri. Quality craftsmanship and hard work became the foundation of the company and continue to rule. Over time electrical enclosures and general metal fabrication became the area of expertise and the rest is history. As the years have passed the company has grown and the industry has changed, but the way business is done at H&H remains the same. The highest industry standards and first-class customer service from proud St. Louis craftsmen will always be the H&H way.


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Let us help you with your next custom electrical enclosure or metal fabrication project.

Start a conversation and let’s determine if we can provide you with the custom fabricated solution you need for your next project.   We will let you know if using a stock enclosure with customization or a completely custom fabricated solution is the best option for you.


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