Taking Your Custom Work to the Next Level

Electrical Enclosure & Panel Modification

We are thrilled to announce the purchase and installation of a Rittal Perforex Milling Terminal for standard enclosure and panel modification.  This four-axis CNC machining center was installed early in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The MT 2201 will complement our custom electrical enclosures by allowing H&H to quickly and accurately drill & thread holes and to create any shape of cut-outs in customer-supplied enclosures and panels. 

The Perforex MT is the latest iteration of Rittal Automation Systems milling centers, offering notable improvements as it processes all machinable materials, including mild and stainless steel, aluminum, copper and plastic. 

Our team of experts can convert custom CAD files or sketches into machine-readable drawings. The days of laboriously measuring and hand-machining enclosures and panels will be a distant memory. Accuracy and repeatability is assured, allowing our customers to be more competitive, utilizing technicians for more productive work than measuring, drilling and tapping. 

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